Celebrate the year of the Ox!

lionhead-gung-haggis-001thumbWould you like to celebrate the Year of the Ox with 700 participants with a Scottish and Chinese fusion style?  Banquet includes meal and dances with kilts and Chinese garments.

Come dress with something Scottish or Chinese at Gung Haggis Fat Choy in Chinatown on Sun., Jan. 25th, 4:30pm.  Tickets available through local or through Human Rights Committee funds.  See  www.gunghaggisfatchoy.com for details.

Report: PSAC Pride Conference March 2007

Here is a report on the PSAC Pride Conference, submitted by Terri S. Lee, Alternate National Director, Agriculture Union

The PSAC’s 2nd Pride Conference was held in Vancouver on March 30 – April 1, 2007. The conference was chaired by Kay Sinclair and Ed Cashman and opened and closed by Aboriginal Elder, Phillipa Ryan.

There were 117 delegates, 6 Guests, 11 National Board of Directors, 6 observers for a total of 140 participants.  The conference began with a panel of four speakers entitled “Include and Be Included”.

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Upcoming Equity Events for AGR Union members

Upcoming Interior BC – Migrant Workers – Presentation by Maria Luiza Romano in Vernon BC – Date to be announced

IWD event at CFIA, 4321 Still Creek Drive, Burnaby Location – luncheon & guest speakers – week of March 5th – Date and Details to be announced – All AGR Union Component Members welcome to attend and all cost covered. Check www.womensequality.ca also.

International Children’s Festival – Tickets to ethnic festivities partly subsidized. During May 14-21/07 at Vanier Park, Van BC. Check http://www.childrensfestival.ca/

National Public Service Week/National Aboriginal Day/National Multi-culturalism Day Celebration of Dances, Luncheon, & Speakers at CFIA Burnaby location. All AGR Union members welcome to join us and all costs covered for attending. More details later.

Note that all events posted on this page are subsidized by AGR Union EO component funds….Pls. contact Jennie at jenniemchu@hotmail.com if your dept. would like to host an equity event and you need an expense claim form for your
activity or if you wish to attend any of the above.