Grievance Committee

Agriculture Union Local 20044 – Grievance Committee Terms of Reference


  • Stewards who have expressed a desire to sit on the committee must be qualified.
  • Qualified Stewards will have taken at minimum the Grievance Handling Course provided by PSAC.
  • Designations including Executive of the Local, Steward, Lead Shop Steward or Grievance Committee member may be understood to include a deligate in the event that any substantive holder of the position is unavailable.
  • The local may elect up to two Lead Shop Stewards, dividing responsibility for the local in two parts geographically (East and West)
  • The Committee may meet as a whole or in part (East and West)
  • A Lead Shop Steward will preside over each Committee part but will not normally vote.

Grievance Policy

  • It is now policy that only Stewards may represent members in grievance proceedings on behalf of the local.
  • Members are free to select a Steward of their choice to consult with or represent them.
  • Stewards may decline to represent members working in another location where another Steward works the same shift, referring the Member to another Steward or the appropriate Lead Shop Steward.
  • Where practicable, a valid attempt to resolve will be made prior to filing a grievance.
  • Members that express a desire for confidentiality will be informed that at a minimum the Lead Shop Steward will be informed of the nature of their grievance and will review the grievance prior to submission, unless the Lead Shop Steward is in a position of conflict of interest, in which event the Committee will select a designate.


  • The Lead Shop Steward is responsible for collecting all information that is presented to him/her as relates to pending grievances, and assigning Committee members to oversee the grievance submissions.
  • The Lead Shop Steward will convene and preside over meetings of the Grievance Committee, which may meet in parts or in the whole.
  • Grievance Committee members will decide on the merits of grievances and determine how grievances are to be proceeded with.
  • Stewards are responsible to inform the Lead Shop Steward in a timely manner of developing situations that might result in grievances.
  • Stewards are responsible for informing Members of the tenets of the grievance procedure including timelines and the expectations the union has of a grievor (honesty, forthrightness, good faith, diligence)
  • Members are responsible for ensuring their timelines are protected (including communicating with Stewards, the Committee and the Lead Shop Steward).
  • Members are required to be completely forthcoming and honest about the information in their grievance.
  • Members are required to witness for other members when called upon.
  • Members are required to participate in the creation, submission and resolution of their grievances.
  • All representatives and members will maintain confidentiality as to the content and nature of issues and grievances brought to their attention.


  • The Grievance Committee parts will meet at least quarterly, in person, at a location central to as many members as possible.
  • Quorum on the Grievance Committee is 3 voting members (including the Lead Shop Steward when necessary). When a vote is tied, the Lead Shop Steward will cast the deciding vote.
  • If quorum cannot be reached, the Lead Shop Steward may, in consultation with any other member present, unilaterally take a decision with the same authority as the Committee.
  • Where practicable, and unless confidentiality is requested as above, the Grievance Committee will review all grievances prior to submission.
  • Grievances may be reviewed by email or other methods as expedience demands.


  • The Grievance Committee will function as an adjunct to the Lead Shop Stewards in other matters as relate to Stewards and representing members with issues, and in such matters as recruiting other Stewards; planning activities for Stewards; providing Steward feedback to the Local Executive, the Agriculture Union and PSAC; and organizing communication to members through Stewards.
  • Any member may act in the role of Steward provided he/she informs the appropriate Lead Shop Steward of his/her desire to assume that role.
  • Members desiring to take on the role of Steward agree to take training as directed by the Lead Shop Steward and act in accordance with Local 20044, Agriculture Union and PSAC policy.
  • All members of the Local executive are considered to be Stewards and must conform to the conditions thereof.
  • A list of Stewards and contact information will be available to be posted in the workplace.